Legitimation sociale et interiorisation de la domination


  • Caroline Guibet Lafaye

Palabras clave:

domination, justice, legitimation, inequalities, Honneth


In the contemporary socio-economico-cultural context, does the theories of the system legitimation and of the internalization of domination still have accuracy? Is this internalization an appropriation of the stereotypes, of the dominant norms by individuals socially disadvantaged? We consider these phenomena of normative domination from a series of interviews conducted in 2010-2011. From these interviews, we propose a reassessment of the conclusions of the theory of social dominance and of the justification of the social structure. The hypothesis of an ideological asymmetry, regarding the formation of beliefs on justice and inequalities, needs to be reconsidered. The internalization of the domination structures seem to be less based on psychological processes than on normative processes, including arguments based on personal “responsibility” and individual free choice.