An interpretation of the violence in some Mexican illegal territories

  • Miguel Ángel Vite Pérez Miguel Vite
Palabras clave: Plural violence, illegal territories, accumulation by dispossession, economic warfare, armed self-defense groups.


This article analyzes the disjointed presence of the Mexican state in illegal territories organized by the drug trade; made possible by the existence of a chain where various actors participate, including the authorities at different levels, in the struggle for high profits accompanied by violence. Therefore, it is not correct to argue that in the illegal territories of Tierra Caliente (Michoacán), a power vacuum exists attributed to the alleged absence of the Mexican state for ensuring the public safety of its inhabitants. This interpretation is wrong because it does not consider the presence of a rural social order involved in the trans-nationalization of the production and consumption of drugs

Biografía del autor/a

Miguel Ángel Vite Pérez, Miguel Vite
Doctor en sociología por la Universidad de Alicante. Profesor-investigador.